Weekly Meditation



I am in balance with the energy of the universe.

The universe has energy and forces that align with my being. I am in balance with the world in front of me. I use my energy to work and help others each day. I am a positive spirit on a tumultuous planet.

I keep my balance as chaos swirls around me.

I know my balance depends on my energy input and output during the day. I keep my spirit nourished and healthy. I conserve my energy to maintain my balance.

I am an active spirit who needs energy to thrive.

I am grateful the universe provides me with the opportunity to rebuild my energy reserves. I use nature and the world around me to restore my spirit. I connect to the energy fields that surround me.

My energy connects me to people, animals, and nature. It helps me see the network that is part of the universe.

Every function in my body depends on my energy. I use my energy wisely and avoid negative experiences that deplete it. I am happy to focus on positive ways to restore my body.

Today, I see how my world is shaped by energy. I notice the energy around me. I am grateful the universe gives me the strength to restore my energy each day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I add more energy to my day without sacrificing my time?
  2. What can I do to maintain my energy balance on days filled with obstacles and challenges?
  3. How can I help my family and children replenish their energy?

Enjoy Greater Abundance by Sharing Your Time and Money


Consider sharing your time and money with those that are less fortunate. You’ll be surprised by the benefits you receive by sharing your resources. Most of us feel we don’t have any time or money to spare, but that’s rarely the case. Even a couple of hours each week can make a meaningful difference.

Give to others and get more in return. Consider these benefits:

1. Enhance your community. When you donate your time and money locally, your community is improved. Not only do strangers, friends, and family benefit, but you also benefit. Take an active part in your community and help everyone around you.

2. Boost your position in the community. You’ll become well known as a generous and important person. Volunteering can help your career and overall social status. You never know whom you might meet along the way.

3. Those that volunteer have fewer health issues and often live longer. You can expect to be healthier and happier if you volunteer regularly. Several studies suggest that volunteering is more beneficial to seniors than diet and exercise are.

4. Helping others can be a great distraction from your own challenges. It’s hard to think about yourself while you’re helping others. Give yourself a mental break and volunteer your time.

5. Feel good about yourself. Helping others give us another reason to feel good about ourselves. Sharing your time or financial resources with others is a form of kindness. You’ll feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment by helping others.

Enjoy Greater Abundance by Sharing Your Time and Money

6. The more you give, the more you get. The more you help others, the more others will want to help you. It never seems to fail. When you’re generous, good things just seem to happen. You can never predict the benefits you’ll receive.

7. Your social circle will grow. This is especially true if you donate your time. You’ll come into contact with others that share your desire to be altruistic. Not surprisingly, those that volunteer can make great friends. You already know they’re likely to be wonderful people. Imagine spending more time with others that are motivated to be kind and helpful.

8. Discover that your life is better than you thought. You may have a few challenges, but you’re likely to come across others with challenges that are far greater. Realizing how difficult life is for some people makes your own issues seem a little easier to manage. Your perspective is changed.

9. Gain a sense of purpose. When you choose a volunteering opportunity, you’ll naturally choose a cause that you believe is meaningful. When you spend your time on meaningful activities, you’re filled with a sense of purpose.

* Find an organization that resonates with your values. You’ll look forward to the time you spend there.

There are many people that need help for one reason or another. When you have more than you need, it only makes sense to share some of your excess with others. You can gain a new perspective that makes your own life seem more manageable.

You’ll also expand your social circle and enhance your position in the community. Help others and help yourself in the process. You can’t do something nice for someone else without benefiting in some way. Over 75% of the population doesn’t volunteer in any capacity. Even one hour each week can provide benefits, both to others and you.

Weekly Meditations


120x600I am in sync with the universe.

I am part of the universe and in sync with its motion. I see how energy flows in our world, and I am thankful to be a part of it. I understand my role in this vast universe is to learn and stay in sync.

Synchronicity with the universe helps me shape my goals and dreams.

It is a fundamental part of my being. It helps me achieve new heights and eliminate obstacles.

I see my destiny and know the path to find it is correct.

The universe’s vibrations are part of the natural world. I am in sync with them and at peace.

I can shift my energy and vibrations to a more positive level. I can repel the negative factors around me. I can use my energy as a strong force to stay in tune with the universe.

I am grateful my spirit aligns with the universe.

I see order appear out of the chaos in the world. I see peace appear in my own search for love. I understand how to stay in sync with the changes around me. I know how to shift my mindset to a different level.

Today, I see how I am in sync with the world. I pay attention to the little details around me and go with the flow of the universe.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I find my balance in a tumultuous world with many challenges?
  2. What can I do to help my family and friends stay in sync with the universe?
  3. How can I keep anger and frustration from affecting my energy?

Mantra for achieving your goals


I enjoy the challenge of achieving my goals.

120x600Achievement carries an inherent feeling of reward. The greater the obstacle, the more rewarding accomplishing a goal feels to me. Because of my growing appreciation for the complexity of the obstacles between me and my goals, I find myself choosing increasingly challenging tasks.

I begin each day with identifying my goals and arranging them as stepping stones, a path forward to success.

Immediate goals are accomplished today, short-term goals vary, and long-term goals are set along the horizon, at least seven to ten years into the future.

My smaller goals keep me motivated. Each time I achieve one, I feel rewarded. I am able to see a measurable movement toward the larger, more challenging goals.

I believe that anything worth having is worth working for. The harder I work at achieving my goals, the greater my sense of commitment becomes. I savor my successes, but I refrain from basking in the moment with so much more to accomplish.

Today, I assess the strides I have made toward my long-term goals, and anticipate the challenges tomorrow can bring. By doing this, I keep my goals and their obstacles visible and can plan solutions for possible challenges.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my current short- and long-term goals?
  2. How do I handle setbacks when trying to achieve my goals?
  3. When and who do I ask for help with particularly challenging goals?

I start my day with gratitude.


I begin each day with a feeling of love and thankfulness in my heart. I avoid the negative thoughts that bring my day down to a harmful level.

I see each new day as a chance to say thank you to the universe.

I count the blessings that surround me and fill my life. I appreciate the people who make my life easier and better.

I am thankful for my friends and family every morning.

I am grateful for my work, home, neighborhood and relationships. I see how others suffer around me, and I focus on peace.

Gratitude fills my spirit, and my joy increases.

I appreciate the five senses that help me experience this planet. I am happy I can connect with nature, people, and animals.

My morning is complete because gratitude occupies my thoughts.

I use my morning to appreciate my life and accomplishments. I reflect on my experiences and past. I make plans for the future to help my job and family. I focus on ideas that uplift all of us and help us reach new goals.

Today, I begin my morning with gratitude and peace in my mind. I see how my attitude affects my entire day, so my morning is a time of reflection.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I find time during a busy morning to show gratitude?
  2. How can I teach my family to stop and say thank you each day?
  3. What can I do to banish the negative thoughts and experiences that can affect my mornings?

I start my day with gratitude.

How You Can Achieve Your Dreams Right Now


Are you waiting for some magical moment in the future to start enjoying your life? It sounds awful when you think about it, but many people do exactly that. They think, “I’ll be happy when…”

The real question is: Why not now?

You might be stuck at a job you dislike just because it pays you a steady income and you have the promise of a decent retirement. However, the important question is: Do you enjoy your day-to-day life? In this case, strive to make a change right now so that you can enjoy your life, both now and in the future.

Follow Your Dreams

It’s easy to identify the things you don’t like, or the things you know you don’t want to do with your life. However, you need to focus on what you do want to do. This can be a very difficult step because it’s hard to take risks when you’re not used to doing so.

How You Can Achieve Your Dreams Right Now

Spend time figuring out what you want out of life. What’s most important to you? Is it financial security? Is it your family? Chances are these are some of the most important things in your life, but make a list of all items of importance.

Identify the areas of your life that need improvement. Once you’ve figured out what’s most important and what needs changing, you can start to take action. You may not know it, but even without fixing anything, just knowing what needs to be fixed is half the battle.

Do What’s Most Important Every Day

Your ultimate dreams are what make you happy every day. Your dream may be pursuing a certain career or a certain hobby in your spare time. If your ultimate dream is to enjoy your time on this planet with your family members, then do it as much as possible!

The trick is doing something every day that brings you closer your dreams. It’s a way of making sure that there’s a ray of happiness in every day of your life.

When They Take a Long Time

What if your ultimate dream is going to take a long time to achieve? For example, what if you want to be a lawyer and decide to go to law school? You won’t be a lawyer for a few more years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life every single day.

Each day brings you closer and closer to your dream that you finally decided to pursue. You’re learning the details, and if you’ve truly found your dream career, then chances are you’re enjoying school too.

The Proper Mindset

In the end, though, it all comes down to an important shift in your mindset. The sheer will to take action to achieve your dreams brings your dreams to life. On the other hand, when you ignore your dreams, you ignore your life, and you’re forever a far cry from making them happen.

When you learn to enjoy your life and do something that makes you happy every day, it won’t be so difficult to wake up in the morning. You may still need that cup of coffee for a jumpstart, but you’ll be perfectly happy with your journey.

Weekly Meditation 


I create excitement in my life by discovering new ways of handling routine tasks.

Doing things a little differently makes even common, every day tasks more fun and exciting.

I have a set routine of tasks I need to accomplish every day. I keep things interesting by doing them in different ways. My daily life stays fresh and exciting because I am creative and shake things up a bit each day.

As a result, my day is more productive because I remain interested and energetic about my every day activities.

I never get bored doing the same tasks because I use my creativity to do them differently every time. This challenges my mind to come up with fun ways of doing them and keeps me energetic and excited about lackluster chores.

Weekly Meditation 2

Doing things in a different order or challenging myself by performing tasks alphabetically are some of the ways I make routine activities more fun. Adding music to my day always keeps the level of excitement and energy high!

I have many tools available to me to make routine tasks exciting.

Today I will look for new ways of accomplishing my routine tasks. I will create excitement and challenge myself. In doing so, I am adding fun to my day, which helps me be more productive.

When I keep myself interested and excited every day, I can accomplish far more in life because of my increased energy and passion.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What routine task can I do differently?
  2. What can I try that will make my every day routine more exciting?
  3. How does my excitement energize me?

Weekly Meditation


I am a go-getter.

Weekly MeditationI make things happen in my life. I take the initiative to get what I want and deserve and I am thankful for all the positive things in my life. My job success, my friends, and my passions have all flourished because of my take-action attitude!

I don’t sit by and wait for things to come my way. I overcome my fears and I proactively work for positive change in my life. I overcome my frustration and I persevere over adversity to achieve great things each and every day. I am strong and persistent and I am a go-getter.

I am so thankful for all the joys in my life.

I enjoy my home and the peace and serenity I have furnished it with. I can retreat to my home and feel safe and relaxed. I have this because I took the initiative to get it, and I am so thankful.

I enjoy the success I have in my work. My work provides me with satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. I have this because I took the initiative to get it, and I am so thankful.

I enjoy my friends and the time I spend with them. I took the initiative to better myself and meet like-minded friends, and I am so thankful.

When I look at what I may want in my life, I organize my thoughts and skills with fine precision to achieve and accomplish my deepest desires. Today, and everyday, I am a go-getter.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I want to accomplish?
  2. What skills do I have at my disposal?
  3. What is my first step in making it happen?

Prosperity Meditation


I bring prosperity into my life.

I bring prosperity into my life by living my life with high standards and values. When I work hard and refrain from dishonest practices, I attract prosperity into my life. My integrity aligns me with endless possibilities.

By living honestly and responsibly, I make it easy for blessings to find me. When I make responsible financial decisions absent from greed, I open the window to my life and allow the light of prosperity to shine in.

Easy steps, such as maintaining a balanced budget, keep me on the right path. Learning to live within my means is another easy way to create wealth.

Prosperity MeditationI assign the proper value to the things I have. I value relationships above all else. My heart is content with the things I own. Even as I work hard to better my situation, my joy comes from the people around me rather than from my material possessions.

My work ethic places me on the path of blessing. I work harder every day to serve those around me. I genuinely care for the people I work with. My creativity and willingness to try new ideas and opportunities set me apart from the rest.

Prosperity is in my life because I am ambitious enough to seek it, yet humble enough to share it. I enjoy giving to others. Whatever blessings I receive, I pay them forward.

Today, I attract prosperity into my life by living with integrity, ambition, and humility. I choose to live by a higher standard in order to witness my success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I share my blessings?
  2. Why do I need to balance ambition with humility?
  3. Are my financial practices responsible and honest?

Turn Your Big Dreams Into Bigger Realities


Are your big dreams attainable possibilities or wishful thinking? Even if your answer is “wishful thinking,” there are ways you can take your dreams out of that category and put them into the realm of possibilities. In fact, you’re most likely more equipped to convert dreams into reality than you ever thought you were!

Use these effective strategies in your life to reap the rewards of living those big dreams for real:

Turn Your Big Dreams Into Bigger Realities1. Want it for the right reasons. Before you go off chasing big dreams, stop and ask yourself, “Do I really want this for me?” Sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up in what your family wants or what society dictates that you eventually lose sight of what’s important to you.

* Really stop and think about how your life would change if you achieved that big goal.

* Feel confident to tweak your dream so it’s exactly what you want for you, and not what would make others happy.

* Consider if the end result is really worth all that you’re required to put in or sacrifice.

2. Take smaller bites. Once you’ve decided that your big dream is really yours and yours alone, you’ll need to create a game plan for achieving it. A big part of that is to break down your humongous goal into smaller, more attainable goals.

* For example, if turning your dream into reality has large costs, break down the expenses into smaller amounts that your income can accommodate over time.

* If your goal entails great personal changes, divide these changes into a series of small, achievable steps that lead you closer and closer to your goal.

* Once you’ve broken things down, set realistic targets for achieving the mini-goals and hit them!

3. Network. As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” Take advantage of the knowledge, skills, help and support of others around you to help you meet your goals.

* Seek mentors that have already met goals similar to yours.

* Discover how others in similar situations to yours have overcome challenges to meet their goals.

4. Sacrifice. Most successful people today could tell you of sacrifices they had to make in order to attain their goals. Turning big dreams into reality takes time and effort, but the end result is living the life you desire. However, if you continue to do things the same way you always have, you can only expect to get the same result!

* For instance, do you have unhealthy spending habits that are hindering your progress toward your goals? Put some frivolous expenses on the back bench in favor of expenses that are directly tied in with your dreams.

* In order to bring some time into your schedule to work on your goals, perhaps you could substitute some of the time you spend watching TV with actions that lead you closer to your goal.

There’s no reason that you can’t turn your big dreams into bigger realities. You’re the only person who dictates what you can and can’t achieve! Use these tips to start on your journey towards transforming your dreams into reality. You’ll look back and smile when you make it happen!