How to Create a Vision Board (Part 2)

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Education and the Law of Attraction

There are thousands of young people who want to go to college and can’t afford it. There are also thousands of older people who either didn’t finish college or didn’t get the chance to go simply because it just never worked out with their schedule.

Weekly MeditationRegardless of the reason, if you want to start or finish a college education, you can attract that goal to yourself with an education vision board. For this, you would need to have an image of the college that you’d like to attend.

You can even print off an application, shrink it to size and stamp “accepted” across the front of it before you glue it to your board. Whatever classes that you want to take, you can glue images related to these classes onto your board.

If finances are the reason that you haven’t reached this goal, you can cut out pictures of money or scholarship approvals and paste those onto your board.

Again, the way that the Law of Attraction works is that when we see what we want most and it’s clearly identified, we take steps to make those goals happen and we’re often not even aware that that’s what we’re doing!

Health and the Law of Attraction Vision Board

The Law of Attraction works for any area of your life – including health. You can attract better health and you can also attract healing. It doesn’t matter if what you’re experiencing is a minor illness or something that’s been deemed more serious.

You can still attract healing.

What you have to do is to let go of any negativity that you’re holding onto when it comes to your condition. Don’t allow your mind to think about aches and pains or to dwell on how bad that you feel.

Also don’t allow fear, which is negative based, to rule your mind. Negativity can provide a fertile breeding ground for disease. This is why stress is so bad for the body.

It’s the type of negativity that can open the door for you to end up on the receiving end of ill health. Your mind has a powerful influence over how your body does physically.

To keep ill health from flourishing within your body, you must keep your thoughts settled on things that are positive. That includes emotions, too. Focus all of your emotions on ones that will yield peace for you such as happiness and joy.

Where positivity reigns, negativity will cease to exist.  It may be that you’ve already been told that you have a serious health problem that could end your life. When this occurs, what most people do is to allow the shock of the news to overtake their thoughts.

They allow the health condition to consume their thoughts and actions. When you hear serious news about your health, that can definitely be a psychological trauma.

Weekly Meditation 2

But you can’t allow your mind to dwell on the negativity. You can’t allow the illness to become the very center of your focus. When you focus on something that you fear, what it does is keep your mind churned up, which feeds into your body.

That, in turn, puts out a lot of negativity and doesn’t attract good things to you. You can’t always talk about or think about health issues that upset you. You also shouldn’t continually dwell on ways to deal with it.

Remember that negativity thrives in a negative soil of the mind, even more so if you’re allowing fear and worry about the future to take root.  Pull the negative energy that you’re putting out and turn it into positive energy.

Focus on what you want to change about your health. Focus on what positive, good steps you need to take to feel better. You can create a vision board for your health even if you’re currently in good health because you want to keep attracting this good health to you.

On the vision board, use images or phrases that show where you want your health to be. You can use positive affirmations such as “I am healthy.” Just don’t include words that create negativity or induce fear on your board.

Visualize that your body has already beaten whatever health issue is going on. See yourself living a healthy and healed life. The images that you use can include images of yourself doing things like running a marathon or celebrating a milestone birthday.

Just use images that represent healing to you. Some people create a health board that shows them in future activities such as going on vacation or getting married.

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Adventures, Vacation or Travel Vision Board 

Many people want to have great vacations or adventures and travel to see the world, yet time always passes and it doesn’t seem to happen for them. This is how a LOA vision board can help you.

You can create one with an area dedicated to the kind of travel or adventures that you want to have.  You can use photos of a beach scene or if you know a specific beach somewhere in the world that you want to visit, find images showing that beach and use that for your board.

Don’t worry about using a lot of images if there are a great deal of places you want to see or adventures that you want to have. Your board can be arranged as neatly as you like it or it can be arranged so that the images and words overlap each other.

To make a vision board like this, you can use images from magazines or ones that you print offline, or you can also use images that you can get from the craft department.

Many of these departments have images of travel in their scrapbook area.  You can find words such as “travel” and “adventure” along with tags that will help identify the type of vacation or adventure you want to attract to your life.

You can also use affirmations on this board such as “I am enjoying a trip to the Bahamas” or “I am backpacking through Europe.” Whatever your greatest desire is for travel or adventure, find related images for those.

If you’d like to go on adventures with companions, be sure and include that as well. You can take a picture of yourself and your friends and add those on top of the travel destinations to put you “in the scene” too.

Creating a Spirituality Vision Board

This can also be seen as a center of peace board. It’s used to attract serenity and a deep sense that all is well between your mind, body and soul. Images of light bulbs or candles or even the sun can be used to represent illumination and as a symbol of guiding your way through life.

Some people use images of practices that help them connect spiritually such as yoga poses or pictures of people in meditation. Others use images of monks or photos of Buddha or images of people known for bringing spirituality and peace to the world.

If your spirituality is based in religion, such as Christianity, then you can include passages from the Bible that speak to you, or images of Christ or the Bible to help guide you.

Updating Your Vision Board Over Time

As time goes on, your vision board won’t stay the same because you will have attracted what you want from certain areas of the board.  You need to remove images and sayings for goals that you’ve met or for those things that have been attracted to your life.

Sometimes, what you wanted to attract to your life will have changed and you’ve discovered that you don’t actually want that any longer. So those items should also be removed.

You might find that one area of your life has taken on a great significance than another so you want to make that one a priority. If you’ve used scrapbook photo squares to put down your images, you can use a sliver of wax paper and work it behind the image.

The wax paper breaks the glue and frees the image from the board. If you glued down the images, you’ll have to be gentle or you’ll tear a hole in the board. What some people do is just paste a clean cut out piece of poster board over the entire area they want to update and they start again.

But you should also make sure that your LOA vision board stays up to date. A vision board can help you to become the best version of you that you were meant to be.

It can also help you to have the life that you desire. As your desires change, you need to make sure that you’re attracting the new desires and not wasting energy on what’s already been accomplished or what you no longer want.

As you update and evolve your vision board for the Law of Attraction, make sure you position it where you can see it each and every day. You don’t want to stick it in a closet because out of sight means out of mind.

You might make a set time such as the first Saturday of every month – to revisit your vision board and see what changes need to be made. Or, get involved in it daily and look for continual changes you can make.

Each time you run across something that would fit well on your vision board, add it to it. Or create a separate file to rotate items in and out of your board if you feel like yours is to cluttered and you want to keep things neat and straight.


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