How to Create a Vision Board (Part 3)

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If you’re like most people, you’ll find that you’ve collected an abundance of images and words that speak to you. To help narrow down what should go on your board, you need to follow your instincts.

Put the pieces that stand out the most to you on your board. You’ll want to group the like themes together. For example, put things related to job or career in one area of the board.

If you want to return to college and that move could help you with your job or career, then you could both of these topics in the same area. Don’t worry about trying to make the board look perfect or polished or like a work of art.

That’s not what this is about.

Weekly Meditation 2

Building the board is about using the Law of Attraction to bring into your life what you want the most, so use your board as a flexible tool and let it reflect that genuine desire rather than trying to make it look perfect.

Once you’ve selected the images and things that you feel belong on your board, you’re going to want to create a pre-layout. This means you should put the images and words on your board as you would want to attract them.

Whatever is the most important to you should go in the very center of your board. Seeing the images creates within you positive emotions, which in turn helps you send out positive energy into the universe.

Once you have the images that you want placed around your board, you’ll want to put any quotes, phrases or words on there, too. Some people use simple one-word descriptions of what they want to attract to themselves such as “joy” or “happiness” or “abundance.” Others use phrases or full sentences.

After you have the images where you know you want them to stay, then you should glue them on. Around these images, you can feel free to write inspirational thoughts or something that would motivate you.

Like if you want to attract health (and losing weight is part of that health), then you want to address this in a positive manner. Too many people bring negativity when they treat the weight loss part of their health with unkind words such as “fat” or even “unhealthy.”

Those have a negative connotation. Instead, you need to choose words like “get fit” or “be active” as your vision words. Some people choose to put photos of themselves on the board as a reminder of their inner happiness.

Having an image of yourself looking happy can be a great motivator as well. When you have your board ready to put up, you want to make sure that you put it where you’ll be able to see the images every day.

This helps keep the positive energy flowing out into the universe. The good thing about creating a vision board is that you can choose whichever type you want to make.

Some people use just one kind of vision board while others make their board a mixture of more than one kind. And just because you create a specific style of vision board doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way.

You can also allow for any changes that you want to make to the details. The thing that’s the same through whatever kind of board you choose to make are the areas where you want the LOA to work for you.

Some people call these areas themes. Regardless of what you call them, you should choose a label for all of the areas you want to use the LOA and then put the details inside those areas.

The Career Section of Your Vision Board

This is one of the biggest areas that people want the Law of Attraction to work for them. That’s because too many people feel stuck in jobs that they hate. Or, they went to college, set off on one career path and have now discovered that it doesn’t fulfill them or bring them happiness in any way.

A lot of young people fall prey to what they “should” be in life. They choose a particular career field because a well-meaning parent or other mentor told them they needed to go into the field.

They might have gone into it to please this person or because the field offered a high paying salary. Law of Attraction can help you to figure out why you need to change your job or career.

Usually, it’s because you’re simply not happy and you dread going to work. You might not even know what you want to do for a vocation – you just know this isn’t it.

What you can do is to start looking through images to create a vision board for the area of job or career. Just look through the pictures of work fields and what pulls at you is usually your intuition telling you that your subconscious desires that field of work.

If it makes you happy rather than feel negative, you can bet that’s a good clue. You may be in a position that prevents you from simply up and leaving your job or walking away from your career.

You might have financial obligations that you can’t just push aside. What you can do is to create your vision board. What will happen is that once you create your vision board, that positive energy is flowing out into the universe.

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When you see visualized what it is that you want, you will unknowingly begin to chart your course for that job or career. The LOA will guide you toward people or opportunities that will make what you want to happen a reality.

Use the Board to Help You Attract the Right Relationships 

Creating a relationship area on your vision board can help you attract a relationship. This can work for getting a new relationship into your life. Or, it can work to help you create the right kind of relationship out of the one that you already have.

Too many people spend their lives looking for the right person. They inevitably end up with someone that ends up being all wrong for them. This could be that you’re stuck in the cycle of spending time with the kind of person that doesn’t work well with your personality type.

You break off one relationship only to end up in one exactly like it. This cycle can be broken. Even if all you’ve had in the past has been a string of bad relationships, the LOA can change that.

The relationship area will help you visualize what it is that you want out of your relationships. Every person in the world wants to be loved and to be in a relationship where they’re appreciated and respected.

This does not mean that we’re supposed to be looking for what we feel is a missing piece of ourselves. That’s not the way that the LOA is intended to be used.

A relationship area of an LOA board means that we’re looking to grow love, to attract it to us and to have one that’s positive and right for us. You should create a vision board for relationships if you seem to always end up with someone that’s an unhealthy partner emotionally.

Or create one if you’ve always been in relationships that created a lot of negativity. These are the kind of relationships that never work out in the long term because of that negativity.

These boards are also helpful for people who are in a relationship already but the relationship seems to be standing still. You’re ready to rev the relationship up a bit, but the other person just seems content to keep things the way that they are.

On a relationship board, you would put what it is that you’re looking for in another person. This is something usually dealing with his or her character or personality traits, but it can also focus on their physical attributes as well.

Your board can also focus on a couple together, not just the one person you’re looking for, so look for images that show couples being romantic or having fun or sharing a tender moment.

If you want someone with a great sense of humor, you would look for images and words that portray that. If you want someone who’s athletic or someone who’s into charitable causes, you would put that on your board.

For people who don’t desire to have a relationship in their life but are looking for good friends to attract to their lives, a friendship board can be used in place of a relationship board.

This will attract the kind of dear, life-long friends that you can count on to bring enrichment to your life. You can also create a board that helps you achieve happiness as a single person if you’re trying to break free from a negative relationship.

Manifest Money with a Vision Board

Having an abundance of wealth is something that has a lot of power to do good – not only in your own life, but in the lives of those that you’ll help out of that abundance.

If you’ve felt the strain of financial stress, then you know how much negativity it can produce. So whether you want to attract wealth for yourself or as a way to help other people, a LOA money board can help.

You need to shake any negative thoughts that you have when it comes to money. Look at money as a sense of freedom and generosity rather than focusing on what you don’t have or what kind of debt you’ve racked up.

When you’re ready to start gathering images, look for ones that represent what money means to you. For some people, this will be something as simple as a way to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing.

For others, money represents a better lifestyle than the one they currently have. The images you cut out or print can be ones that reflect how many can enrich your life emotionally as well as physically.

You can include images with words like joy and satisfaction or other phrases that represent a positive feeling about money. You can use quotes about money and some people take a picture of themselves holding money or something of value and put it in the center of their vision money board.


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